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Rhythmic Gymnastic

Rethamic Gymanstic Equipments

10mm Braided Polypropylene rope in ...
Rethamic Gymanstic Equipments

Heavy Duty round tubular hoops with...
Rethamic Gymanstic Equipments

Balls / Clubs
Competition Plastic Clubs, 44cms...
Rethamic Gymanstic Equipments

Sticks / Ribbons
White fiber glass stick with swivel ...
Rethamic Gymanstic Equipments

Beautiful and quiet rhythmic gymnastic ...


Swimming Sinker / Diving Rings

Sinker Rings
Sand filled, weighted rings stand ...
Swimming Diving Sticks / Diving Bricks

Diving StickS / BRICKS
Non-rigid soft profile to provide safe ...
Swimming Diving Objects / Training Aids

Diving Objects / Training Aids
A novel aid in teaching the important ...
 Pool Games

Pool Games
The three foam supports keep the...
Swimming Pool Accessories

Fish shape, Ideal choice to practice ...

Swimming Racing Lane

Racing Lanes
6 mm Polypropylene rope with S/S Snap...
Swimming Referee Fitness Equipments

Besides floating, the toys make a ...

Sports Nets

Badminton Nets
9 ply PE maroon netting - 19mm mesh . . .

Basketball Nets
12 loops X 7 knots X 21" long. UV . . .

Beach Volleyball Net
Net Body : 3mm Braided P.E- U.V . . .

Handball Net
2mm PE TWISTED. 100mm square . . .

Soccer Nets
Virgin PE - Hand knotted nets . . .

Takraw / Netball Nets
1.5mm twisted Polyethylene . . .

Volleyball Nets
3mm Braided Polyethylene Black . . .

Tennis Rebounders
The tennis rebounder helps to improve . . .

Tennis Nets
Net Body - 3mm PE Braided . . .

Agility Training

Agilitty And Speed Training Egility Hurdle

Effective training aid for quick knee ...
Agilitty And Speed Training Speed Ladder

Speed Ladder
A popular training aid for improving...
Agilitty And Speed Training Slalom Poles

Poles Bases / Slalom Poles
An Ideal product for side step devel ...
Agilitty And Speed Training Space Marker And Cones

Marker / Cones
Half-cones or spots can be used ...
Agilitty And Speed Training Reaction Balls

Sequence Spots / Rings / Multi Trainer
Anti-skid vinyl markers ..
Agilitty And Speed Training Speed / Power Training

Pop Up Goals
Pair of excellent goals for instant...
Agilitty And Speed Training Training ARC

speed Power
The trainer chute provides both resis ...

Soccer Training

Soccer Training Penalty Dummies

Passing Arc
Heavy duty plastic posts 20mm ....
Soccer Training Penalty Dummies

Good suitable for the pro version and ...
Soccer Training Goal Post

Corner Posts
White flexible plastic post 22mm dia...
Soccer Training Arms Bands

Arm Bands / Wrist / Head Bands
Elasticated, lightweight armbands to...
Soccer Training Ground Pegs and Clips

Linesman Flag
Offical Diamond design "WORLD CUP" ...
Soccer Training Ground Pegs and Clips

Soccer Balls
Synthetic material made of cotton and ...
Soccer Training Bottle Carrier

Goal Posts / Ground Pegs / Clips
70 mm PVC tubular construction. ...
Soccer Training Whistles And Lanyards

Needles / Inflators
Nickel plating ....    
Soccer Training Needles

Ball Carry Nets
4mm white Braided Nylon with a locking ...
Soccer Training Corner Posts and Flags

Water Bottles / Carrier
Size: H 254 x D 75mm ...

Coaching Resources

Coaching Resources Magnetic Tactic Board

Referee Set
Chest pocket on right side with ....
Coaching Resources Clip Board

Coaching Boards
Erasable white board made of aluminium....
Coaching Resources Clip Board

The Fox 40 is for referees and ....

Training Vests / Bibs

Training Vest Bibs

Mesh Vest
Ideal for usage in all types of training....
Training Vest Bibs

Nylon Bibs
120gsm Heavy duty nylon ...
Training Vest Bibs

Netball Bibs
Heavy duty nylon 120gsm. Fastened ...
Training Vest Bibs

Reflective Vest
Makes your child more visible ...

Activity Play

Actiity Play Team Bands

Team bands
5 cm polypropylene webbing. speci ...
Actiity Play Parachutes / Balls

Parachutes / Jump Sack
Parachute play is a cooperative the...
Actiity Play Bean Bag

Bean Bags
In five brights colors (Red, Green, Blue...
Actiity Play Skipping Ropes

Tug Ropes
Superior manilla twisted Rope . . . .
Actiity Play Tug Ropes

Juggling / Dance
For dramatic movements & recreational...
Actiity Play Primary Play

Bats / Play Balls
Wooden natural lacquered with grip ...
Actiity Play Cones And Bibs

Fun & Games
Move cube is bright and colorful soft ...
Actiity Play Kindergarten

Bibs / Cones
Both sides printed heavy duty nylon ...


Fitness Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball
Helps to develop muscle strength, ...
Fitness Exercise

Absorb the pressure felt on hands ....
Fitness Licorise Ropes

Licorice Ropes
Modern way of rope speed skipping.....

Cross Trainer Ropes
Injection Moulded, Ball Bearing fitted ....

Sports Bags

Fitness Medicine Ball

Multi Storage
Light weight aluminium frame with ...
Fitness Exercise

420D Heavy duty bag with mesh ....


DUAL PURPOSE – 1½” border one ...

Men & Strikers
 Carrom men Champion ...   


Cricket Coaching

Simplified game of cricket for boys and....
Cricket Rebounders

Rebounders / Stumps
Entry Level Training Rebounder. ...

Field Hockey

Hockey Field

Wooden / Composite
Head : Shorty Length : 36”, 37” Weight ...
Hockey Equipments

25mm HD foam moulded protective ....
Hockey Equipments

Abdominal Guards
Immaculate assortment of Abdominal ...


Miscellaneous Score Board - Supreme

Score Board
Foldable & light weight score boards ...
Miscellaneous Floor Fixings

Floor Socket
Ground cover for VolleyBall Posts. ...
Miscellaneous Home Netball

Regulation size ring 0.38M/15 dia ....
Miscellaneous Home Netball

Non tearing PVC coated fabric with ....
Miscellaneous Home Netball

• Steel construction with iron wheels ....
Rhythmic Gymnastic
Sports Nets
Agility Training
Soccer Training
Coaching Resources
Training Vests / Bibs
Activity Play
Primary Athletics

Track and Field

Atheletic Track And Fields Hurdles / High Jumps

Starting Blocks
Heavy duty aluminium slotted ...
Atheletic Track And Fields Cross Bar

3 times reinforced fiberglass low ....
Atheletic Track And Fields Measuring Tapes

Made of special aviation aluminium ...
Atheletic Track And Fields Discus

High Jump
Ensures that the lowest point of the ....
Atheletic Track And Fields Shots

Strong Hurdle made of 47mm Polyure....
Atheletic Track And Fields Hammers

Lo-Spin Red Discus with strong ...
Atheletic Track And Fields Relay Batons

Relay Batons
Aluminium anodized and smoothly....
Atheletic Track And Fields Starting Block

Precisely machine turned brass shot ....
Atheletic Track And Fields Javelins

Precision Machine turned Brass ....
Atheletic Track And Fields Track Equipments

Track Equipments
Chrome plated quality spikes available ...
Atheletic Track And Fields Track Equipments

Measuring Tapes
Long winder with easy grip knob ...
Track and Field


Rugby Ball

Rugby Balls
4 Ply Ball with sharp Pin Grip . . . .    
Rugby Mouth Gurad

Rugby Tees
Convert Kicking Tee 1" rubber ....      
Rugby Tag Rugby Belts

Rugby Guards
Reinforced higly durable body armour ....
Rugby Tag Rugby Belts

Tag Belts
Black velcro belt allowing for easy ....
Rugby Tag Rugby Belts

Tackle Bag
Popular design features multiple ....
Rugby Tag Rugby Belts

Mouth Guards
Strapless sports mouth guards in ....
Sports Bags
Indoor Games
Indigenous Games
Floor Hockey
Field Hockey
Table Tennis Bat
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Indoor Games
The world's best property trading board game where players vie each other to amass the maximum wealth to be the winner.
Code Specifications
53001 Monopoly - Original
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Junior Monopoly
Simplified version of the world's most popular game.
The game board has a carnival like atmosphere and players have a great time making or losing money.
Code Specifications
53002 Junior
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Monopoly - American Version
Dabble in business the way America does.
Buy, sell, mortgage and build houses and hotels.
Collect rents and grow rich and see the adventurous side of life as you get in and out of jail.
Code Specifications
53003 American Version
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Scrabble - Original
The classic word game with every element, inside and out been redesigned to improve the experience of playing the game where EVERY WORD COUNTS!
Code Specifications
53011 Original
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Scrabble - Junior
The junior version of the classic word game with the idea of teaching children about the formation of words and supplementing their spelling lessons.
The new look, double-sided board includes "Words and Pictures".
An easy to play game for older children similar to classical Scrabble.
Code Specifications
53012 For ages: 5-10 years
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Pictionary - Adult Classic
The game of quick draw, where your pencil does the talking, while you and your team try to guess the words by sketching clues to each other.
Be prepared to race against the clock! How much fun you have depends on where you draw the line!
Code Specifications
53031 Adult Classic
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Pictionary - Junior
The simplified version of the parent game, designed for a younger audience. The cards contain simpler topics, more suitable for children. The Game for quick draw for Juniors.
Code Specifications
53032 Junior
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A great 3D word building game where players comepte with each other to build words sideways and upwards.
The game is similar to Scrabble, except that the letters cab be stacked on top of other words to create new words.
The higher the stack of letters, the more points are scored.
Code Specifications
53044 Standard
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Word Power
The classic word game same as Original Scrabble.
Easy to play game for any age group.
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Ludo & Snakes and Ladders
Deluxe model, A game that has been around for centuries.
An evergreen game for kids where the lucky one landing on a ladder space climbs up and the unlucky one landing on a snake's mouth takes the downhill path.
Also included is the traditional game of Ludo (4 players).
Code Specifications
53110 2 Games in 1
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Ludo for 6 players
A bigger board multiplying the fun of ludo. A maximum of 6 players can play at one time.
Code Specifications
53115 2 Games in 1
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Bulid and balance game. The tower of jenga built with wooden blocks.
The one and only rumbling, trumbling, crumbling,crashing tower building game of suspense.
Crumbling,crashing tower building game of suspense.
The last player to stack a block without making the tower tumble over wins.
Code Specifications
53121 Classic
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Jenga - Junior
A fun packed action game with attractive small wooden blocks.
The game ends when the tower falls in even a minor wayโ€”in other words, any piece falls from the tower, other than the piece being knocked out to move to the top.ย 
Code Specifications
53122 Junior
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The classic strategy game representing medieval warfare on an 8x8 board with alternating light and dark squares.
Code Specifications
53125 Classic
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Chess - Hard Board
Strengthened Hard Board with chessmen.
Code Specifications
53126 12" x 12"
53127 14" x 14"
53128 18" x 18"
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Chess and Checkers
Two classic games bundled in one box.
Code Specifications
53113 Classic
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